`<1-byte characters>

The backquote (`) is a reserved flag in onscripter-20050602 and higher that allows for the usage of 1-byte characters. It should be put at the beginning of every script line in which 1-byte characters are used, and also at the beginning of 1-byte character strings in menu and other commands.

Example 1: Text Display
Original Japanese:

` I was already soaked from head to toe by the time I got to my apartment.@
` I mean, there I was, walking home from work, and then it started raining like hell.@
`"Goddamn it--!"@
` I grumbled as I turned the key in the lock, opened the door to my apartment, and walked in.@

Example 2: Right-Click Menu
Original Japanese:
rmenu "セーブ",save,"ロード",load,"回想モード",lookback,"ウインドウ消去",windowerase,"最初から",reset

rmenu "`Save",save,"`Load",load,"`Log Mode",lookback,"`Hide Text",windowerase,"`Back to Title Menu",reset

Example 3: String Variables
Original Japanese:
mov $chapter,"666.ようこそ、ハードゲイラーMENへ!"

mov $chapter,"`666. Welcome to Haado Gei RaMEN (and abandon all hope ye who enter?)!"

Example 4: LSP Just-In-Time String Display
Original Japanese:
lsp 0,":s#BEDEAD死ね!"

lsp 0,":s#BEDEAD`Now Die!"