clickstr <character string>,<numerical variable>

This function forces a click wait state when the interpreter encounters the characters in the designated string.
However, if there happens to be a click wait command directly after that character, or if that character is prefaced by a 1-byte underscore (_), then this forced click wait state will not occur.
The second parameter decides whether this will be a simple wait state, or the text page will be line-fed. If the forced click wait string happens to be shorter than (max line length - number), then the line feed will happen.
This is a function for your convenience, but watch out -- you can easily cause the next line to overflow if you're not careful.
In such situations, please decide whether you'll allow for default line breaks, or whether you'll manually insert line breaks in the appropriate places.
The character string must be in 2-byte characters.

   EX)click "」。!?",2