Function Categorization Table

Predefined Syntax Keywords or labels with predefined functions
F Commands Commands that may only be used in the definition block
E Commands Commands that may only be used in the program block
F/E Commands Commands that may be used in the program or the definition block
Special Characters Special characters that may be used as command substitutes within displayed text blocks
Game Start/Reset/Quit
*define label denoting the start of the definition block
*start label denoting the start of the program block
game end definition block and execute game
reset reset game
definereset force total script reset
end end game and close window
Syntax Markers
* prefix for labels
; prefix for comments
: write and execute multiple commands on a line
% prefix for numerical variables
$ prefix for character variables
? prefix for array variables
~ destination point for jumpf/jumpb
` allow 1-byte-character display
/ ignore linefeed
Text Window
setwindow set up text window and character display attributes
setwindow2 modify text window appearnace
textoff hide text window
texton show text window
windoweffect specify an effect for the text window
erasetextwindow toggle text display at effect runtime
Text Display
defaultfont specify default font
!s designate character display speed
# change character color
textclear clear displayed text
locate change the position of characters without changing the position of the text window
puttext write out little indications (after if statements, for instance)
br insert a carriage return into the displayed text
textspeed change text display speed
Click Wait
@ enter click wait state
\ enter carriage return wait state
clickstr enter click wait state upon hitting the specified string
_ ignore the next click
linepage wait for click at the end of line
clickvoice play a specified sound at time of click
autoclick continue to progress even in the absence of a click
click enter click wait state without displaying the click wait cursor
setcursor specify graphic file for click wait cursor
abssetcursor lock mouse position and specify graphic file for click wait cursor
mousecursor specify graphic file for general mouse cursor (presently NOT recommended)
Image Display
transmode change alpha blend transparency mode
underline set ground line for standing images
bgalia set parameters for a nonstandard background
humanz designate overlap priority for sprites and standing images
windowback insert text window at the same position as the standing image(s)
bg set background image
ld set standing image
cl erase specified standing image
tal modify standing image transparency
print display all images, removing those that should not be present
lsp load sprite into memory so that it may be displayed
lsph load sprite into memory, overwriting the last invalid sprite
csp delete sprite from memory
vsp toggle sprite display (must be loaded via lsp/lsph first)
spstr change the text string on a complex button by rewriting the text sprite
msp change sprite position (method 1)
amsp change sprite position (method 2)
cell manually designate the cell of a sprite
blt blit image onto screen instantaneously
ofscpy transfer an image drawn by blt onto the offscreen buffer
repaint redraw screen
Image Effects
effect designate effect
effectblank designate wait time after effect is over
effectcut toggle effect runtime during choice dialog
quake cause a quake effect onscreen
quakex cause a horizontal shaking effect onscreen
quakey cause a vertical shaking effect onscreen
monocro make screen monochrome
nega make screen negative
Characters/Numbers/Bar Display
% display contents of numerical variable
$ display contents of character variable
bar create and display the bar
barclear clear the bar display
prnum initialize a numerical label
prnumclear clear a numerical label
Music/SFX Playback
cdfadeout designate CD-DA fadeout time
mp3fadeout designate mp3 fadeout time
play play CD-DA or MIDI
playonce play specified CD-DA track or MIDI file only once
playstop stop CD-DA or MIDI playback
wave play a WAV file only once
waveloop loop WAV file playback
wavestop stop WAV file playback
mp3 play specified mp3 file only once
mp3loop loop mp3 file playback
mp3save if game saved amidst mp3 playback, when game is loaded, resume playback at that spot
dsound declare that you are using DirectSound (not necessary in latest versions)
dwave play WAV file using DirectSound only once
dwaveloop loop WAV file using DirectSound
dwavestop stop WAV file playback in DirectSound
dwaveload load WAV file into memory
dwaveplay play a WAV file already in memory once
dwaveplayloop loop playback of a WAV file already in memory
stop stop all music playback
Movie Playback
avi playback an AVI file
mpegplay playback an MPEG file
selectcolor designate choice text color
selectvoice designate sound to play upon choice select
select set up a choice
selgosub set up a choice that jumps to a subroutine
selnum display chosen choice and add its result to the specified numerical variable
goto jump to designated label
skip skip the next x lines of script
gosub call a subroutine
return return from a subroutine
jumpf jump to the position of the next ~ symbol
jumpb jump to the position of the last ~ symbol
Jump to Flag on Click
trap jump to specified label on left click
lr_trap jump to specified label on left or right click
trap2 jump to specified label on left click when 「skip to next choice」 is set
lr_trap2 jump to specified label on left or right click when 「skip to next choice」 is set
Image Buttons
btndef load button graphic file into memory.
btn initialize image as button (method 1)
btnwait display image button and put it in click wait state (method 1)
btnwait2 display image button and put it in click wait state (method 2)
spbtn designate sprite as image button
getbtntimer acquire how much time has passed since we have entered btnwait into a numerical variable
btntime create a time restraint for image button functionality
exbtn create a complex (composite) button
exbtn_d specify cursor behavior on utilization of a complex button
!d wait for the specified time
!w wait for the specified time, ignoring clicks
delay cause a time delay (method 1)
wait cause a time delay (method 2)
resettimer reset internal timer
waittimer wait until specified time (as counted by the internal time) elapses
gettimer get value of internal timer
spwait wait until the designated sprite number's animation has ended
Variable Manipulation/Calculations
stralias create a character string alias/filename alias
numalias create a numerical variable alias
intlimit set maximum and minimum for numerical variables
dim declare an array variable
mov load a value into a numerical or character variable
mov3〜mov10 load a value into multiple numerical or character variables
movl load an entire line into an array
add add numbers
sub subtract numbers
inc increment variable
dec decrement variable
mul multiply numbers
div divide numbers
mod mod (note that this is a programmatic mod, not a true modulo)
rnd create a random number (method 1)
rnd2 create a random number (method 2)
itoa change a numerical variable into a character or character string
atoi change a character variable into a number
Conditional Expressions/Loops
if if(conditional statement) { commands }
notif if (!(conditional statement)) { commands }
cmp compare character variables
fchk check whether specified image tag has been read or not
lchk check whether specified label has been read or not
for〜next loop commands
break break out of a for loop
Right-Click Functionality
rmenu initialize and display a menu upon right click
menusetwindow initialize window for right click menu
savename specify save filename for right click menu
menuselectcolor specify color for right click menu text
menuselectvoice specify system sound for right click menu
rlookback jump to Log Mode upon right click
roff ignore right clicks
rmode toggle availability of right clicks on and off
Log Mode
lookbackbutton specify image button for entry into Log Mode
lookbackcolor designate text color for Log Mode
lookbackvoice play a sound on page up/page down in Log Mode
lookbackflush clear Log Mode
Skip Mode
kidokuskip turn Skip Mode on
mode_wave_demo play WAVE files even when 「skip to next choice」 is specified
skipoff turn Skip Mode off
File Access Logs/Global Variables
filelog attempt to create/utilize file access log
globalon allow for use of global variables
labellog access log of labels
savenumber modify limit of number of saves
savegame save game in designated save file
loadgame load game from designated save file
savefileexist check whether save file exists or not
saveon enter save dialog
saveoff escape from save dialog
Additional Functions
mesbox create a message box
inputstr wait for character input by player (method 1)
input wait for character input by player (method 2)
clickpos get coordinates of cursor on click
systemcall perform an action listed in the right click menu
Mode Customization Functions
automode allow for use of Auto Mode
automode_time specify character delay time in Auto Mode when sounds are not being played
defvoicevol set default volume for voices (new command)
defsevol set default volume for SFX
defmp3vol set default volume for mp3 files
mode_saya allow for use of the mode seen in the doujin game "Saya ~Labyrinth of Immorality~".
mode_ext allow for use of the Auto Mode utilized by "Gin'iro"
mode800 set screen size to 800x600
soundpressplgin load compressed audio functionality via plugin/dll (nowadays one can just use the DirectSound commands)
spi load compressed image functionality via plugin/dll
arc use specified archive
nsa turn NSA archive access on
nsadir designate folder where NSA archives are located
versionstr modify version string
caption modify window title
Data Parsing
date Get year, month, and day
time get current time by hours, minutes, and seconds
savetime get the date that the specified savefile was saved on
getversion get the version string of the current NScripter build
getreg get a value from the Windows registry
getini read an ini file
Menubar Functions
killmenu erase menubar
defaultspeed designate text display speed as selectable on the menubar
!sd use the text display speed handed down by the defaultspeed command
menu_full enter fullscreen mode
menu_window enter window mode
menu_click_def enter default menubar operation mode
menu_click_page enter a mode in which menu displays with every page
System Customization Functions
*customsel a label that interacts with the csel command
textgosub generally used to provide a popup text during click wait state within system customization
csel delineate choices within system customization
cselbtn create buttons with choice text
getcselnum get number of csel choice branches
cselgoto jump to a label created by csel
textbtnwait enter click wait state as defined by customwait
selectbtnwait enter click wait state as defined by customsel
texec delete text while waiting for repagination
getcursorpos get current position of text cursor